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Tigerjobs tips - internet recruitment
Use of the internet as a recruitment resource.

Recruiting in any kind of market

In todays job market, you the employer need to find a way to get your job offers in front of candidates while they are working... Right on their PC screen! This is what the internet offers compared to traditional recruitment media.

    Here's some tips on internet recruitment advertising:

  • Write a good ad. Career web sites often give you an unlimited text which gives you room enough to write an effective ad. Short, newspaper-like ads are ineffective on the internet, and is probably the most frequent error made by employers.

  • Make your job appealing. Write an ad that would be appealing to you (if you were looking for a job). Obviously you need to let the candidate what is expected of them, perhaps they would also like to know what you are offering them.

  • Sell your career opportunity. Give your candidates a reason to switch jobs. Use the same principles that you use to sell your product or service to potential customers. What made you decide to accept the position you're in now? What attracted you to your position when you first applied?

  • Create a permanent web site. Candidates can go to your web site to find out more about your company. Point all your advertising to that web site. Don't put a lot of credibility statements in your ad - that's what your web site is for.

  • Recruitment advertising. It is no different than other direct response advertising. It's a numbers game. As much as career web sites would like to be a complete answer to your recruitment needs, the reality of it is that you need more than one resource to get the job done. Once a candidate searches through the jobs at one web site, he will go on to the next.

  • Play the numbers game. within the same web site by posting several times. Even if you have only one job to post, you can post it with different styles, headings, keywords and content.

  • Post your jobs to nearby states. If a state border is within driving range, post in that state too.

  • Take time. to use these principles in your job posting. The extra time you take now will pay off many times over.

Job Posting Template

One possible template you can use to post your job.

Here's where you need to shine! Use the same prinicples you use in any advertising. You only have 3 seconds to capture attention. Here's where you put a "what's in it for me" type statement. Keep in mind that money is not always the main determining factor. Work environment is very high on the list. You might ask your employees what they like about their job, get feedback from the people that have already made the decision to join you.

Job requirements
Now that you have a candidates' attention, he needs to know if he has a chance of getting the job. Bullet list skill sets, computer knowledge, and experience. Don't put too much detail, summarize as much as possible. If there are equivalent job experiences that would also be a consideration, be sure to enter it here.

Recap the positives. A brief credibility statement about your company leading to your web site address would go here.

The close
How can they contact you? We highly recommend that you put as much contact information as possible. If you don't have the time for phone calls - except for the qualified candidates, at least give them a choice of e-mail, fax and snail mail. We don't recommend that you withhold your address, even if it is a PO Box.

Keep in mind that job postings are often pulled out of a database with the use of keywords. If your ad text does not contain all the possible words or phrases that a candidate can use to find your job, enter additional keywords at the end of the ad. E.g...job description phrases, (outside sales, inside sales, branch manager, management, etc.), skill sets (cold calling, presentation, Excel, Goldmine, AS-400, etc.), industry or product (industrial, machinery, capitol equipment, consumer products, pharmaceuticals..etc).

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