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ShriResume makes resume making fun as it's very easy to use due to an intuitive user interface. This is an Indian website, but it delivers a resume that anyone can use. If you don't want some section on your resume, you can hide it. shriresume will avail you options of formatted resume to select, and you can download it in word or pdf free. They have paid editing services that are very cost effective compared to other resume making services.

Resume posting tips

If you just don't want to spend the money for a professional resume then make up your own resume. Start with an objective. this is a summary of the kind of job you are looking for, or are applying for, and some reasons why you should be considered for the job.

You should have a list of past employment with dates and a title and short job description, starting with the most recent job.

Then put a list of your schools, when you graduated, any special training. If you did especially well, don't hesitate to mention it.

You can then put some references (some employers make these calls). Or at least have a statement like "references upon request" and have the list ready if you are asked.

Never divulge your social security number until you are hired, and trust that the employer is for real, and then only to their human resource department.

When you are posting your resume on-line remember that most employers use keywords to get to the resumes so make sure your resume has plenty of keywords so they can find you. When you have a resume that has virtually no information you can't expect the employers to find yours. An example of keywords is: for sales - direct sales, telemarketing, sales manager, cold calling....etc.

Misspelling words is not "cool". Use a spell checker.

If you want a professionally written resume - CLICK HERE. For an additional 5% discount use discount code TIGERJOBS at checkout.

Protect your resume files by storing them offline. Take a look at MemorySuppliers for branded flash drive solutions.
If you are looking for professional resume templates for Microsoft Word (Office), you may want to check out Office Resumes This is a great source of modern resume templates. Download creative resume templates today to impress your recruiter. Free, professional resume templates. One-click download. No sign-in required.

Resume Posting Tips
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